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How to start cooking with fire 🔥 – Part 1 – books and gril

  How to start cooking with fire   – Part 1 – books and grills Post author By  jysfoodadventures Post date August 24, 2021 No Comments on How to start cooking with fire   – Part 1 – books and gri I never expected to fall so spectacularly in love with cooking with fire and have it entirely change my life. For someone who hates summer and being hot with every iota of her essence, it’s a testament to how incredible it is that I cannot stop. When I semi impulsively bought my first grill after only a 72 hour youtube research deep dive (full return policy and was on a 20% sale btw so please respect my practical nature), I’d only been cooking for maybe 5-6 months on anything more advanced than a sandwich press (which is great piece of equipment btw lol). I give you this context because it means that I learned how to cook and how to cook with fire at the same time – I didn’t have any existing experience or skills to apply to fire so will likely be very different to how you start your fire adve

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